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Tailored auditing
Your Marketing Review.
Creating direct actions to move  your business forward.

Marketing Perth Squiggle
Marketing Perth Squiggle

Audit Options

We provide a range of audit options that work for you business.

We utilise technology, experience and expertise to conduct audits with multiple reviews and suggestions. Your business, your audit and tailored actions to move you forward.

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Social Media Audit

Social Media can be daunting for business owners, marketing professionals or you may have just been provided this scope as part of your role. We provide audits and actions to give you an action oriented approach to make the most out of your social media.

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Sales & Marketing
Process Audit

Sales and Marketing in your business should be connected, they are like the right and left hand and they need to communicate. We specialise in ensuring all the processes, functions and campaigns you run are consistent, working and designed to drive in business and not avertedly lose it. It is very common for these processes and systems not to be in place.

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Website Audit

There are so many components to websites from calls to actions, copy, links, imagery and more. We provide audits so that you know what needs to be improved on your website and enables you to take action. Win new clients and stop losing business because of website issues!

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Full Marketing Audit

All you see here can be provided in one full package. 

We are happy to tailor Audits to your business and your needs. 

Our solutions, actions and suggestions will also be based on common practices researched within your industry. 

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Brand Audit & Review

Branding from time to time can go out of date. Some brands have developed over time and it was never really a conscious decision as to why something is the way it is. We provide brand audits to provide you with a solution driven approach to looking professional and consistent with actions to follow through on.

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Custom Audits & Competitor Analysis

We can provide custom audits of your business marketing services, contact us for a quote. 

We also specialise in capturing and preparing data based on parameters to assist you to make decisions. We can do an analysis of everything from competitor analysis, employee value propositions, social media and advertising growth comparisons and more.

Rocket Launch

Audit: Launch Forward

To get started and receive a quote book in a marketing audit quote conversation with Rocket Launcher today. 

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